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Present day enterprise and mobile network platforms implement complex computing and communication functions to support the growing internet and cloud-based applications. To support this, the underlying network processing SOC components incorporate several standard based protocols for inter-chip and backplane communications.


Gigacomís PHY technology based on G-Architecture, provides high-speed serial data interface (serDes) IP for developing low-cost, low-power SoC for various networking applications.

The PCIexpress IP family IP which consists of the digital PIPE interface and the mixed-signal transceiver core implements PCIexpess 1.1 and PCIexpress 2.0 protocols. The IP supports various configurations such as endpoint and root complex and is suitable for a variety of applications. The PIPE layer is highly-configurable and implements features such as skip insertion and deletion.

The SATA PHY IP supports SATA 1 and SATA II standards and include the configurable PCS layer. We supply XAUI transceiver for backplane connectivity. It implements protocols including CEI-6, CX4 and KX4 and targets a variety of networking SOC and support a frequency range up to 6.4G.


Gigacom’s G-Architecture is also ideal for supporting the emerging standards like DisplayPort, HDMI, USB3.1 and others.

The PHY technology guarantees excellent interoperability with advanced jitter tolerance, frequency offset compensation and linear receiver equalization techniques. Features such as built-in junction isolation rings reduce substrate noise and offer superior noise immunity.

The IP is silicon-proven in leading foundries and process technologies such as TSMC and Global Foundries and is available in wire-bond and flip-chip versions. The circuits use low voltage supply and consume very minimal power (<60mW at 3.125 GB/s).


Gigacomís T-Architecture is an enhanced version of G-Architecture that includes complex DFE and supports applications like PCIE Gen4.

Please contact Gigacom for further description and availability of T-Architecture.

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